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vineri, 6 iulie 2012

Would you stand to see Earth dying?

Would you stand to see Earth dying?

What if one day you'll have to leave your planet and live somewhere else, in a place where Earth is, lets say,  the satelitle? What if Earth is to be washed-out and you'll be able to save yourself and watch its destroyment from another planet? Would you resist to see it striken, burning and shattering? Would you go to watch all of this from another planet or would you remain devoted and wait for death to take you from the Earth that gave you the chance of living life? Could you run away and leave behind all of the Earth's history, all it's wonderfull parts. Could you betray the ground that burried your dear ones, that fed you, that let you step and build on it, play and cry on it?
Some say they could, but some just couldn't die somewhere else but home.

P.S: Its just a sick theory!

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